Choosing a Virtual Law Firm

What’s In It for You

The Law Office of Elizabeth Thompson, PLLC is a virtual law firm and has been for more than three years. Virtual law firms have been in vogue for at least 20 years and, with the advancements of technology, this format for offering legal services has come into its own. Virtual law firms are one of the most innovative developments to hit the practice of law since the computer replaced the IBM Selectric typewriter.

The advantages are notable, and the result is better service for you at less cost. There is no expensive office, staff or overhead.  Instead, there is 24-7 ability to contact and hear from your attorney directly – no intermediaries. That contact can come through telephone calls, e-mails and virtual meeting platforms, such as Zoom. Files are stored electronically and protected. Information is share electronically. Invoices are forwarded electronically and payment can be made directly through a secured link.

What do Virtual Law Firms have to Offer? 

Virtual law firms realize the benefits of a virtual practice such as easier client interactions and lower operating costs. Think of a “BigLaw” firm without the brick and mortar, and you have a virtual law firm. The benefits are many:

  • A stable core group of attorneys
  • Operates under one legal entity, such as a partnership or proprietorship
  • Has established collaborative relationships with other, specialized law firms that possess expertise that is occasionally needed
  • Is glued together with appropriate computer and telecommunications technology such as project management software
  • Has low overhead because of the ability to side-step the traditional law firm overhead costs
  • Expands and reduces personnel as needed

The direct benefits to the client are also numerous:

  • Easer access to your attorney
  • A less formal, nerve-racking atmosphere than a traditional law firm
  • A reassured feeling that your legal issues are getting the attorney’s full attention
  • Instant communication through the internet, offering better responsiveness
  • Potentially lower billing rates due to less overhead

There are many good points to a virtual law firm and no “downsides”.  Our firm has embraced these advantages and is committed to giving you the best service possible, with no disadvantages resulting from our virtual status.  However, this is each client’s decision. If you choose to retain a virtual law firm, you have taken a giant technological step forward in which the old-school atmosphere of a law firm no longer applies to the practice of law. We think you will find that our law practice on your behalf has not faltered or is in any way different – it is just the law firm setting that has changed.

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