How We Help

Through clear explanations, guidance and experience, the Law Office of Elizabeth Thompson PLLC creates solutions to your real property and construction issues focused on informed choices and streamlined customization to your needs. You work one-on-one, through safe virtual platforms, with your attorney directly. As a team, you and your attorney strategize a plan unique to your situation, and then implement that plan as efficiently and quickly as possible.  Unlike most traditional law firms, this firm adapts to your needs and your schedule, to provide you with a cost-effective way to develop a solution and reach a resolution.

“My approach to serving clients is based upon a clear focus on their issues and what needs to be addressed. With decades of experience as a trial attorney and in drafting contracts, leases, easements and other complex documents, I can target areas of concern and structure solutions for my clients.”

Initial Consultation

Your solution starts with the scheduling of an initial consultation, handled through a virtual Zoom meeting or telephone conference – your preference. The initial consultation is complementary and can go as long as you need to get your questions answered and give you the ability to make an informed decision as to whether to move forward and partner with our firm.  The initial consultation is not with a para-professional or receptionist – we value your time, and your initial consultation will be scheduled with an attorney. Through an exchange of questions and answers, you will receive immediate guidance as to the recommended path forward to resolve your issues. You will be provided with information regarding how the firm works, what we need to help you, and what costs you can expect to incur if you decide to partner with us. By the conclusion of your initial consultation, you will have the confidence to make decisions concerning your situation and how to move forward.

Should you Litigate – Know your Options

Although our firm is experienced in complex litigation and prepared to take that option if necessary, often litigation is unnecessary and other approaches can be very successful. At the Law Office of Elizabeth Thompson PLLC, we know that litigation is a last resort – not the first step. We are prepared to explore other means of problem-solving, thinking outside of the box and looking for ways to leverage your position for your benefit. We have years of experience with complex real property and commercial business issues and have seen how, often, the unexpected approach can lend itself to solutions and success where litigation fails. If litigation is necessary, we are prepared and experienced in handling complex litigation matters. Even if you have had no prior experience with litigation, you will have resources and answers, just a phone call or email away. Our goal is to keep you informed and work with you on strategy and decisions. We assess your comfort level with risk and we adapt to your requirements, even as the litigation moves forward. You will receive guidance at each stage of the case, from the investigation through production of information and documents, through depositions and the preparation for trial.  While we work tirelessly to position you for a successful outcome in court, we remain open to opportunities to reach an out-of-court resolution if and when that opportunity appears.

Customization – Working With You

The Law Office of Elizabeth Thompson PLLC takes a different approach than most law firms take – we customize our services to your needs. Instead of making you conform to our systems and procedures, we work with yours, fitting seamlessly into your schedule and adapting to your situation. You may need to speak with your attorney after work hours, or on weekends – and we are available. Your questions will be answered directly and in a straightforward manner by an attorney, not a para-professional.  Your concerns will be heard and addressed quickly. We work as a team with you, working to mesh our firm with your schedule to quickly reach a successful resolution of your matter.

Transparency – Our Goal

Often, it can be difficult to know what a law firm is doing for you. At the Law Office of Elizabeth Thompson, PLLC, we are transparent about the steps we take to advance your position. We provide you with detailed descriptions of all work performed, we invoice promptly and work with you on payment options. We provide quick and easy means for payment to add to your convenience. We answer questions directly and promptly.  You should not have to guess about the legal work being performed on your behalf.